Wedding Designer & Dressmaker in Brisbane

Bluejade Wedding Dressmaker & Designer in South Brisbane is passionate about providing you with the most exceptional wedding dress for you special day. Our dress designs will capture your femininity and elegance, and integrate classic and contemporary styles. Every bridal gown is created with an eye for the most intricate detail, and we will make sure every inch is of the wedding dress is of the highest quality.

Bluejade is more than simply a wedding dressmaker

What is the difference between a wedding dressmaker and a wedding dress designer? A wedding dressmaker usually just follows a dress pattern and uses basic sewing skills to replicate a customer’s design. This can often lead to results that do not fit the individual perfectly. On the other hand, a wedding dress designer works closely with the bride to design a dress that is exclusive to her. A designer will usually take your measurements and body type into consideration and design a dress that is perfectly suited to you. This creates a much more striking effect as it moulds the dress specifically to your body, rather than trying to mould your body to the dress!

Choosing your wedding dress design

Bluejade can design a custom-made wedding dress for you based on your unique figure and preferences. We will design a stunning piece that fits you just right, integrating your preferences of classic cuts, contemporary styles, or a combination of both. Bluejade uses only the finest material with gorgeous adornments such as handmade handmade material flowers, crystals and custom-design buttons to highlight your unique elegance and exclusive style. Before deciding on a wedding dress design, it is recommended that you try on as many different gowns as possible. Different wedding dress styles include the ball gown, empire line, A-line, bias cut, sheath and fishtail. Take photos of yourself in each dress you try and keep a scrapbook of images you may find. From here, you will start to get a clear picture about which wedding dresses best suit your figure, preferences and personality. If you need any advice at all when deciding the style and design, don’t hesitate to contact Bluejade to discuss anything at all. We will outline all details you require, from advice about how to flatter every different body types and design tips.

What body type are you?

wedding gowns for different body types

Wedding dressmaking process

After you have decided on your design, the wedding dressmaking process begins. A custom design wedding dress requires a minimum of 4 fittings to make sure the dress fits perfectly and will require a lead time of at least 16 weeks. During the first consultation, we will discuss your design preferences and take your measurements. Bluejade will then mock up a design using a trial material called calico to make sure you are happy with the measurements and design. Using the calico pattern as a model, we can make adjustments to the dresses design. You may want to make tweaks to the shape, the neckline, the sleeves, the length, the waist height, etc. Once the design and measurements are finalized, it is time to cut into the fabric and the dress starts to take form! We usually require you to come in for 2 more fittings to ensure the dress fits perfectly and you are happy with all the details. We work closely with you to make sure your beautiful dress is delivered on time and is of the highest quality.

Tips for researching your perfect wedding dress design in Brisbane

Here are a couple of places to check out in Brisbane and the Gold Coast to get some wedding dress design ideas before we start the wedding dressmaking process. We suggest that you try on as many different dresses as possible to get an idea about what suits you best.

Take the mother of the bride bridesmaids and a few close friends along to a wedding expo near you


Queensland Wedding Expo (Brisbane Convention Centre):

With more than 150 of the best wedding experts all gathered under one roof for one entire weekend you’ll discover that planning your perfect wedding couldn’t be easier.
Enjoy daily fashion parades + loads of other prizes. Pre-ordered tickets are 2 for 1 and will be available online shortly. Tickets will be available at the door at full price $10 . Queensbrides Wedding Expo Website

Gold Coast Bridal Expo

This Bridal Expo has been running for over 25 years and is one of the longest and most widespread bridal expo series in the country. The aim is to help couples plan their weddings by bringing together the most respected wedding industry suppliers in Australia. Your Local Wedding Guide Bridal Expo offers the opportunity and guidance to make your wedding day special! Gold Coast Bridal Expo Website