Mother of the Bride Dresses

Wedding days are special for a mother of the bride. She gets to see her daughter on the happiest day of her life. It’s a day full of pride, joy and nostalgia.

There is often just as much thought that goes into the mother of the bride outfit as the bride’s wedding dress. It is a day where you want to look your best. Bluejade’s mother of the bride outfits will help you look classy and sophisticated on the big day.

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Tips to choosing a Mother of the Bride outfit

Here are a few tips to help choose a perfect mother of the bride dress:

  • Talk to the bride – The weeks before the wedding are full of activity. The bride is swamped with a myriad of wedding plans. From dealing with the caterer, bridesmaids dresses, venue preparations, to sorting out the guests list. In between all of that, the mother of the bride has to find time to talk to the bride. Find out what she envisions you wearing. Get her ideas, because the day is all about her.
  • Choosing the right color – The wedding theme dictates the color of the mother of the bride dress. While she doesn’t have to look like the bridesmaids, she does have to compliment the colors of the wedding. Talk to the bride extensively about the colors of the wedding. Choose colors that match the color palette the bride has chosen.
  • Dress with style and sophistication – Choose a dress that fits the theme of the wedding, but not too flashy. A mother of the bride dress should be elegant and chic. She’s a proud parent giving away her daughter; she’s worked hard for this day, and given her daughter all the wisdom she could. Let her dress match her experience.
  • Make sure the dress fits – Start shopping for the dress months before the wedding. This will allow time to fit the dress, and make adjustments where needed. If it’s possible, get the dress tailored, a design that fits and flatters the mother of the bride’s figure. The result is a confident woman with no worries on the day of the wedding.
  • Don’t stick to old styles, go modern, and find a great dress to fit the times. Once again, it’s important to chat with the bride in order to get a feel of her theme. Go through magazines; see what’s hot that season. Have a dress that matches one of the season’s favorites.
  • Apart from the bride, the mother of the bride has to talk to the mother of the groom. This is so that they can share ideas on their dresses. While they don’t have to match colors, matching the theme, the length of the skirt and sleeves is great. It gives a sense of togetherness. Two families brought together in this one event.